Contraindications and Warnings

You may be contraindicated for this device if you have an infection, a congenital abnormality, are obese, pregnant, mentally ill, diabetic, suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, or cancer.

As with any surgical procedure, complications may occur following the placement of this device. These can include but are not limited to early or late implant bending, failure, loosening, movement/migration, bone fracture, and allergic reaction to implant material.

Other general complications associated with any spinal procedure include non-union or delayed union, pseudarthrosis, pain, second surgery, bleeding, early or late infection, spinal cord and/or nerve damage, incisional complication, scar formation, blood vessel damage, cardiovascular system compromise, respiratory problems, complications due to bone grafting, reactions to anesthesia, impotence, sexual dysfunction, paralysis, and death.

This list does not include all possible contraindications, complications, warnings, or precautions. Please consult with your surgeon for additional information on this topic and how it applies to your particular medical condition.